Thomas Zinser, Ed.D.

Thomas Zinser, Ed.D. is a retired hypnotherapist and spiritual healer, author, and international speaker living in Grand Rapids, MI.

He holds a from the University of Notre Dame (’71 ), an M.Ed from Xavier University (’72), and received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M University: Commerce in 1977.

After serving as a staff psychologist at a local psychiatric hospital, Dr. Zinser started a private practice in 1980. In 1987, he was specializing in hypnosis and the treatment of dissociative disorders when he met Katharine Mackey who channeled a spirit entity named Gerod.

Through Katharine, Gerod offered information about specific clients that was helpful in their treatment. He also offered information about spiritual and metaphysical realities in general. After several sessions with Gerod, Dr. Zinser established a clinical collaboration with him that continued for fifteen years.

In addition to helping clients, this collaboration led to an unprecedented mapping of psychic and spirit dimensions of the self. The result was an approach to healing which he called Soul-Centered Healing. Dr. Zinser tells the story of this collaboration, and the healing methods that developed from it, in his book, Soul-Centered Healing: A Psychologist’s Extraordinary Journey into the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives.

A second book, The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing, Vol. I, was published in 2013 and Vol. II was published in July, 2016. These books are written for hypnotherapists who wish to incorporate methods of SCH into their own work. They are instructional manuals describing the protocols and procedures and the different phenomena one can encounter when working at these levels of the unconscious. While written for hypnotherapists, the interested reader will find a great deal of information as well on a number of phenomena.

Dr. Zinser has recently retired from his clinical practice of forty years. He has been involved in training other hypnotherapists in the methods of Soul-Centered Healing, and continues to give talks and interviews on this approach. SCH accepts the validity and importance of what we currently know about the physical, emotional, and psychological levels of an individual. However, Soul-Centered Healing expands this framework and vision to include the energetic, psychic and spirit dimensions of a person as well.

Anjali is the creator of Wholebeing Hypnotherapy and a trauma-informed therapist with many years of experience treating clients who suffer from a variety of conditions such as anxiety, issues of self-esteem and childhood trauma. After successfully resolving her own traumatic childhood, she felt compelled to help others find inner peace and empowerment.

She is a calm, dynamic presence which is the result of many years of meditative practices and energy healing work. Her understanding of the mind-body relationship as one system comes from her direct experience, working with countless clients as a body-centered psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist.

The foundation of her work is to heal the fragmented selves within so as to allow our inner light to shine freely, enabling us to relax into the certainty of our own eternal presence. From this place we can act with freedom, wisdom and fearlessness.