Trained practitioners, certified by Dr. Zinser in the approach of Soul-Centered Healing.

If you are seeking treatment based in the approach of Soul Centered healing, the healers listed here have had extensive training with Dr. Zinser. Each practitioner works in person and remotely. You can review their information and contact them directly with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Anjali Flavel

Dip.BCST, Dip.Clin.Hyp.Psych.

George Worley

Intuitive Form Hypnotherapy

Jenna Foster

Healing and Creation Coach and Oneness Coach

Jason Lynch

Alchemy Healing Holistic Therapies

Karin Momberg

Full-time Hypnotherapist Since 2010.

Andrew Glover

Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy Soul Centered Healing Level 5

Louise Green

Xue Yang


Eeva Pesonen

Certified Hypnotherapist, Energy healer, RTT-therapist

Beverley Blass

Soul-Centered Healing through Hypnotherapy