Learn More About Soul-Centered Healing

The following 8 essays written by Dr. Zinser offer an introduction to Soul-Centered Healing.

Part 1

A Paradigm Shift

Soul-Centered Healing (SCH) is a cross between hypnotherapy and
shamanism. It’s an approach that recognizes other dimensions of a person
besides the physical. Using hypnosis, SCH can help a person identify
and resolve sources of pain, conflict, or confusion that operate at
these levels outside ordinary consciousness.

Part 2

Ego-States: The Inner Selves

In Part 1, I listed the four main categories of phenomena that in SCH are most frequently involved in a person’s healing process.

The first category is ego-states, or sub-personalities.

Part 3

Psychic Intrusion by Spirits or other Dimensional Beings

In Soul-Centered Healing, the second category of phenomena frequently involved in one’s healing process is the intrusion or interference by spirits or other dimensional beings whose presence or activities are causing problems for my client.

Part 4

Energy Blockage and Healing

The third phenomenon most often encountered in Soul-Centered Healing is the most difficult to talk about. I’ll call it energetics.


Part 5

Past Life Personalities and Present Life Repercussions

The fourth category of phenomena that most frequently presents in a person’s healing process are the memories and experiences that appear to come from a past or different lifetime.

Part 6

Hypnosis: Gateway to the Psychic and Spirit Realms

In Soul-Centered Healing, hypnosis is the primary method for working with the different phenomena I’ve been discussing. Through hypnosis, the conscious self steps aside and allows the healer to access these unconscious realms directly.

Part 7

Higher Self: Conduit between Self and Soul

The higher self is not a new concept or idea. Many cultures, spiritual traditions, and religions recognize a higher consciousness within the self. It goes by many names—the Inner Self, the True Self, Atman, the Christ Self

Part 8

The Healing Power of the Light

Most people know about the healing power of a mother’s touch. “Come here, mommy will kiss it and make it all better”—and she does! What makes the child better, of course, is being loved, feeling cared for and safe. We have no empirical measure for this love. We can’t see it. We see its effects, but we can’t reduce it to photons and neutrinos.