Part 5

Past Life Personalities and Present Life Repercussions

The fourth category of phenomena that most frequently presents in a person’s healing process are the memories and experiences that appear to come from a past or different lifetime. For some people, these memory/experiences, held within the soul, can break through into one’s present life and exert a powerful influence and effect on a person. It might involve one specific experience from one particular lifetime, or it might involve a string of lifetimes in which a profound issue is being worked through. It’s also not unusual to find unresolved past life issues causing problems in present-day relationships.

In my work with Gerod, I came to recognize that these past-life memories were being shared to the conscious mind by ego-states, only they were not ones created in the client’s present life, but in a different lifetime of the soul. It wasn’t that the whole past-life personality was coming forward in these sessions with clients, but rather parts of that self created in a prior lifetime and left unresolved. Like with present life ego-states, these also are conscious beings, each still living in the world in which it was created. Most of them are not aware of the present reality or the conscious personality, my client. Like with present-life ego-states, though, they can be triggered by events in a person’s present life that hit on, resemble, or resonate with their own experience.

This is where everyone’s inner world and soul story are absolutely unique. Again, like with spirits, the aim of Soul-Centered Healing is not to learn a client’s soul history. None of us can know that about another. The aim in healing is to identify when a part from a previous lifetime is causing the person conflict, confusion, or distress in the present. When a person seeks healing, and it turns out that a past life (or lives) is involved in the problem, there’s no predicting where it will lead and what stories you’ll hear. Quite frequently, you will also see past-lfe and present-life ego-states form groups together because they share a particular issue, conflict, or experience that bridges lifetimes. 

From a clinical point of view, these parts from other lifetimes are worked with in the same way as the present-life ego-states. The aim is to have that inner being share what it needs to about its experience and so be able to release its pain, fear, or distress. This resolution, then, also releases the client from the effects of the conflict, confusion, or pain.