Inner Verse Podcast: Healing Our Psychic Schisms: Autonomous Ego States, Higher Self, & Dark Entities

“Dr. Thomas Zinser is a hypnotherapist and soul-retriever with decades of experience in treating dissociative and split personality patients. In his book Soul Centered Healing, Dr. Zinser describes the layers of the psyche, higher self, and their structure. In this conversation we explore comparisons between sub-personalities and stuck biofield energy, why and how sub-personalities are formed through trauma, using ideo-motor response communication to speak with alternate egos, healing through psychic coalescence, and Tom’s work training the next wave of soul defragmenters.

In the Plus+ Extension, we describe the corporate structure of demonic hierarchy, types of mischievious spirits, dark souls, and how they influence living humans through ego-states, possession and demonic devices, releasing earthbound spirits, the nature of spirit guides, the game of darkness & light, how Tom met his guide Jerod, the distinction between evil and darkness, and much more.” – Chance Garton

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