#8 – The Healing Power of the Light

by Thomas Zinser Ed.D.

Most people know about the healing power of a mother’s touch. “Come here, mommy will kiss it and make it all better”—and she does! What makes the child better, of course, is being loved, feeling cared for and safe. We have no empirical measure for this love. We can’t see it. We see its effects, but we can’t reduce it to photons and neutrinos.

This is the same difficulty in talking about the Divine Light. It is mother’s love taken to an infinite degree. Call it God, Creator, All That Is, or the Unnameable. Soul-Centered Healing holds that this Light created all souls from its own Essence, Light creating Light, each soul possessing the Light’s full potential. Reincarnation appears to be a primary way for a soul, through a journey of lifetimes, to awaken to its full potential.

In Soul-Centered Healing, this Light is the primary source of healing. When an ego-state, living in pain, is touched by the inner Light, it reacts like to a mother’s love. Dissociation turns to relief and reunion. When you get through the smoke and mirrors and confront intruding spirits directly with the Light, they will leave. When you ask for assistance from spirit guides who exist in the spirit realm of Light, they will respond, though it may be outside conscious awareness.

In the healing process, it is the higher self that brings Light to the ego-states, confronts intruding spirits, interacts with high level guides, and can help bring body, mind, and soul into accord with the Greater Light. Gerod called the higher self “the active part of the soul.” In the healing process, I think of the higher self as a the workhorse of the soul. Light is the healing energy, higher self is the lens that can focus it where needed.


This concludes the introduction to Soul-Centered Healing. If you would like to know more about this approach to healing and what it reveals about the inner world, then I recommend that you read the book. It will give you a deeper and richer understanding of who we are, not only as physical, emotional, and mental beings, but as psychic and spirit beings as well. You can find more information about the book here.

I am beginning work on a next series of essays about the Light. The series is an elaboration and extension of what I’ve said above. I know that for many people “the Light” is a vague and esoteric term. So New Agey. For  many scientists, I’ve no doubt it’s looked at as mystical mumbo-jumbo. I hope in this next series of essays to give a better understanding of what “the Light” refers to—what it means in the healing process and in the experience of everyday life.

Meanwhile, I plan to post some other items I think you might find interesting.

Tom Z

Photo: Thanks to Scott Hudson.

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