Part 3

Psychic Intrusion by Spirits or Other Dimensional Beings

In Soul-Centered Healing, the second category of phenomena frequently involved in one’s healing process is the intrusion or interference by spirits or other dimensional beings whose presence or activities are causing problems for my client.

I cannot give you a list of all the different kinds of beings that exist at the psychic and spirit levels. I tried to classify and categorize these entities when I first began working with Gerod. I do know in working with some clients that there were spirits or external entities present that were negatively impacting him or her in significant ways. In the healing process, these beings are able to communicate directly through the client using an hypnotic technique called ideomotor response (IMR). Some of the entities are souls, some are not. They are involved with humans, it seems, for different reasons. In my experience, some are after energy, and others seek knowledge. Some try to lay claim to my client’s soul dating back lifetimes. Some are just earthbounds that attached to a client after their own body died. There are abductions, and it’s not always clear whether it was a physical or psychic abduction. Finally, for this list, there are also evil spirits who very intently seek power and control over other souls.

From a clinical point of view, these beings or entities generally fall into one of three categories: 1) those who are present and engaged with a client in order to assist them; 2) those spirits or entities who are present with a client out of confusion, affection, or ignorance, and 3) those spirits or entities that are present for the purpose of exploiting the client in some way that is detrimental to his or her well-being. The first we don’t have to worry about. They are the spirit guides, teachers, and loved ones. They do not intrude and will not violate a soul’s free choice. The second type of spirit can usually be dealt with easily. Once they understand their situation and are directed to see the Light, they will usually leave without a problem. It’s the third category, those that have been exploiting the client, that do the greatest harm and present the greater challenge in removing. They are also the ones who usually wish to remain hidden and keep their activities a secret. 

Fortunately, we do not have to know all about each of these spirits and entities in order to remove them or sever their connections with a client. The primary aim in SCH is not to try to understand them and classify them. This is important, but it’s secondary. When spirits or entities are interfering with a client, the primary aim is to identify their point of access and close it off. This access point is a type of “permission” and most often occurs at unconscious levels and unwittingly. These entities cannot just waltz into a person’s life and psyche. There are rules. They must have an “okay,” a “yes”, at some level of the person in order to carry out their activities. The rule is that if the permission is withdrawn, the outside spirit or entity must disengage. And they do. The aim in SCH is to find that yes access and switch it to a no. To use a metaphor from my book, we’re not trying to get all the keys back, we’re just changing the locks.

The effect on a person by the intrusion of these outside entities can range from negligible to profound. One may have no conscious awareness of them, others can be hounded by them. It depends on the kind of spirits or entities involved, what their intentions are, what they’re after, and how extensive their access is to the soul/person. This really can only be determined on a case by case basis.