Part 4

Energy Blockage and Healing

The third phenomenon most often encountered in Soul-Centered Healing is the most difficult to talk about. I’ll call it energetics. It’s so difficult to talk about because at one level, it takes in everything. The famous formula: E=mc2. Everything is energy. We are, in essence, energy bodies. We know if we looked deeply enough into the heart muscle, we would find cells, and then atoms, and then sub-atomic particles. This is where modern science is today.

If we kept going, we would find even more subtle levels of energy that make up who we are. Eastern traditions and indigenous cultures have recognized for thousands of years that there are other levels and states of energy extending beyond the physical body, to the subtle, to psychic and spirit. They recognize that each level has its own center, called a chakra. These levels co-exist and are integrally bound together in what we call the self. The illustration on the right offers a good schematic image of this expanded view of the person as an energy being.

It’s far beyond the scope of this essay to go into this whole body of knowledge, except to say that it is not new. This knowledge is centuries older than our modern empirical science, and specifically modern medicine. Here in the west, we are just beginning to open the door to this knowledge, or we are at least peeking through the keyhole. Acupuncture, for example, is one of those healing modalities that works with subtle energy, and it is just now being recognized by some health insurance companies as a legitimate healing method. It’s a start, but barely. For those interested in reading more, Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber and the The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) are excellent places to start.

Soul-Centered Healing recognizes these different levels of energy. It wouldn’t be unusual, for example, to find that the flow of energy in a particular chakra has become blocked for a person as the result of some trauma and needs to be opened back up. It wouldn’t be unusual to find a discrete pain energy being held in a certain area of the body.

SCH also recognizes that energy takes different forms and operates differently from one level to the next. At the psychic and spirit levels, the picture becomes even more complicated because ego-states, spirits, and other conscious entities can create energy blocks, devices, thought-forms, and programmed energies that interfere with a person at unconscious levels.

In the healing process, when an energy, in whatever form, is identified as a problem, the basic aim is to infuse it with the soul’s Light and reintegrate it, bringing it back into harmony within the self. The other possibility is that it may need to be dissipated and expelled if it has become too toxic or calcified, or had intruded from the outside to begin with.