Helping Lost Souls Move into the Light

Spirit Release ConferenceNo matter what you read  in the mainstream media, or hear from materialist science, spirits do exist. The real problem is that we have so little knowledge and understanding of spirits and the spirit realms. Scientists can’t get a handle on these realities because they are not physical, and so cannot be reduced to sensory data. I’m confident that future science will develop the concepts and the technology for exploring these realities. The exciting thing about it is that when science crosses that boundary, it will signal an expansion of consciousness, individual and collective.

Meanwhile, on this everyday level, there are people who suffer the negative effects of spirit intrusion or attachment who are looking for relief and cannot wait for science and the medical field to catch up. These people traditionally seek help from a priest, a shaman, a medium, and increasingly, from hypnotherapists. Most people in our Western culture do not know how extensive the literature is on these kinds of spirit interactions until they or someone close to them is affected by such an entity. There’s a good chance that you, or someone you know, has seen, felt, or been in communication with a spirit at some point in life, and for many, the interaction is a source of distress and confusion.

Two months ago, I was invited to London to give a talk at a one-day conference entitled: Spirit Release: Helping Lost Souls Move into the Light. I spoke on the issue of spirit intrusion and attachment and the most effective way of helping clients resolve this situation. There were five speakers, and each of us spoke from our clinical experience on dealing with lost and earthbound spirits, whether they are attached to places or to people.

The conference was hosted by the Spirit Release Forum and chaired by David Furlong. Videos of all the talks, including a Q & A period at the end, have generously been made available on the Web site at Spirit Release Forum. This series of talks will give you a well-rounded introduction to the issues of spirit intrusion and attachment.

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  1. hi my name is chavaca kenley i came to your web site for some help with my little brother he took his own life and i want to help him cross over ..i love him so much and i want to do all i can so he can move on to the next life with god.if you can not answer me back you can e mail me what to do to bless the house so i can talk to him.and let him know all the hard life is over..

    1. Hello Chavaca,

      I’m sorry for the grief and pain you must feel. Even when our loved ones depart and go to the Light, we must still deal with our grief and loss. The situation, I’m sure, is more difficult knowing the pain your brother has been feeling. If he has gone to the Light, you do not want to call him back with your thoughts. If you are sure he remained earthbound or is lost, he can connect to you through your thoughts and intention. Tell him to turn around and find the Light. Remind him that this is his true home. Tell him that loved ones and guides already understand what happened and they are waiting to help him. Tell him a loved one will come forward from the Light to assist him if he would like, but he needs to go home now to the Light. There is nothing to fear about the Light. There is no punishment or shame, only Love.

      I hope this helps. If I can be of further assistance, let me know. Tom Z

      1. Hello! my brother & cousin were murdered.
        I want to help them find the light so their soul can be at peace. How can I help them???

        1. Hello Jennifer,
          I’m sorry that you are having to deal with such a tragic loss. You are in a position to help your brother and cousin. If you mentally direct your intentions and thoughts to them, they can hear you. I don’t know what state they are in—shocked, confused, angry, frightened? However, if you mentally focus on them and get their attention you can send a message that they need to look to the Light and that they already have a place in the Light waiting for them. In this case, what I have found most helpful is to let them know there are loved ones in the Light trying to contact them but they must give their permission for those loved ones to approach. They may even share a loved one such as a grandparent, uncle, or aunt, etc. who has already passed and who these two men feel care about them and who they would trust. I would try to have in mind at least two loved ones, in case one is not able to approach. So, have them look to the Light. Tell them “there is a loved one or a spirit teacher who is aware of what’s happened and wants to come to them to help. “Just look to the Light and see who has come for you.” I would suggest that you hold this image in your mind—your brother, your cousin, looking to the Light and a Light figure coming forward and appearing to them. I believe your intentions and focus will in some sense help facilitate their connection to that loved one or guide.

  2. My father was kidnapped 3 years ago and since then we have not hear anything about him. Ever since then I have dreams every now and them most of the time he is sad, sometimes I’m on a task to help him leave but he can’t and sometimes I have lucid dreams.. when I know I’ll never see him again so I hug him really tight. In my heart I feel that he no longer belongs to the physical world but my head says there is always a possibility. I recently met with a psychologist who helped interpret a dream I had which lead me to believe he is an earthbound soul and want to be freed but… He doesn’t want to leave because he left 5 kids behind, he once dais he worst fear was that something would happen to him and that we would never know. I believe that he knows he is dead but the way he past and guilt have him chained to earth, I recently had a conversation with my sister about him and we both felt his presence as if he was asking us to help set him free so he can go to the light. I want to help him because I know his soul is in pain and agony here, how can I help set him free so he can continue his journey into the spiritual world?

    1. First you have to explain him that he is human no more and can’t help you. Go to the light and continue his journey is the best he can do for now.
      Then imagine beam of bright light coming from the sky – it’s portal for him to go.
      Tell him to look up and see who is welcoming him there. There are the loved ones, who will guide him there.
      Tell your dad to give them his hand and let his loved ones to guide him further.
      Command him, “Go, go”
      That is all in general.

    2. Hello Diana, I’m sorry to hear what you have been through about your dad. I agree with the suggestions Lu has given. You can mentally call your dad or engage him in a lucid dream. Tell him there is a loved one who wants to come to him (it may be his father, mother, sibling, friend, grandparent—a significant other who has passed over.I don’t specify who will come in case that soul has reincarnated and is not available. Once your father makes contact with the loved one, or spirit guide, he will receive understanding and be ready to go with them. If he does not go, then some complication is involved the may need to be unraveled.

  3. So, I have spirits visit me. All of the time. They aren’t malevolent, sometimes mischievious, but there is nothing evil. Things get moved, doors open, we feel presences, the animals see things. I have premonitions, often, and I choose to ignore them, but they always happen. Recently, I have been visited by spirits in my dreams. Or when I’m very relaxed like at an acupuncture session…..they are waiting, as if in a waiting room. I have to help them ascend, either a stairway, or climb a tricky wall, or sometimes it’s a twisted passageway. At the end is always an empty room where I leave them, and go back for whoever is waiting. I bring the next ghost, spirit, whatever to the room, now empty, and go back for the next. Sometimes it’s 2 or 3, sometimes it’s 8 or 9…and they are of all walks of life, young, old, black, white, poor, rich, it doesn’t matter. I never see the same spirit twice. Once they “go up” they are gone. Crossed over. Sometimes they are frightened, sometimes impatient…it’s the most bizarre thing! What IS this??

    1. Hello Cathleen,
      I’m not in a position to tell you what this is beyond some general statements and possibilities. It seems clear you are involved with many spirits at a psychic level and may be acting as a “rescuer,” that is, someone helping earthbound spirits to move to the spirit realm of Light. There are people who take on this role in service to the Light, and report doing it in the dreamstate. The question is whether it is something you wish to do. You do have a choice about it. Based on my work in this area, a question would be whether there are any of your sub-personalities involved in these activities that are giving permission for this to continue. Finally, if this is causing you distress, interference, negativity, there are healers who help a person to clear these spirits and close their accesses.

    2. Last night I had a similar experience to Cathleen’s. My dream was regarding a client of mine “Jane” who was terminally ill. In this dream I followed two guides for quite some time until we arrived in a large room full of hundreds of disheveled and slightly unruly souls. I walked up to my client whom I saw in her current earthly state with her disease. She was barely conscious and was waiting for me. I walked past her and she left her body and followed me. When her spirit came out of her body she was about 6 feet tall and beaming with light. She hugged me and then immediately walked over to a white wall and ran into it where she merged with the wall creating light and eventually went up the wall to more light. The strange thing was there were bad spirits there that I had to stave off and I used my two hands, pointing palms at the one coming at me from above the room. I shouted no and directed him without touching him to the ground. I shouted loudly at my client to go (Jane) go (Jane).
      After Jane had gone into the wall and light I was guided quickly from the place by my guides. There is more to the dream but shortly after I woke up. The dream was so vivid. I learned today that my client actually passed last night after her battle with cancer.
      I want to learn more about what this is and know if anyone else has had this happen.

      1. Hello Shelly, I would say many people have had the type of dream you had, although situations are unique from one to the next. In your situation I would guess that this was not a dream but a spiritual encounter. I would guess that Jane’s guides and yours arranged a contact with you when Jane left the body because they knew she may need assistance. Without your help, she might have become stuck or lost in that darker level of souls. It would seem the guides engaged the part of your own soul that knew what was happening and what to do, and how to lead Jane to the threshold of Light. I think you helped your client to the Light. This would be my guess. There certainly can be other possibilities. Searching the terms “Near-death-Experience,” death visitations or visions, spirit rescue, and afterlife studies, will be a good place to start to find information. Tom Z

  4. My mother passed last may of cancer, and the day she was cremated, the water turned on by itself (touch free faucet, never did it before). My just turned 2 year old was pointing to “ghosts” frequently for a few months after her death, when nobody can recall ever teaching her that word. The water turning on happened a few more times after on a few Tuesdays initially in the first few months, but nothing recently for the past 4 months, it has been quiet. I contacted a medium via phone who told me this was not my mother, but other earthbound spirits–that cancer people go right into the light, and it may be 6 mos- 2 yrs before I do hear from her.

    I had my first dream of my grandmother about 3 months ago (she died in 2011). In my dream, my grandma called me on the telephone, and it was a very short and vague conversation. I asked her if she knew mom died, she said yes. I asked if mom was with her, she did not respond. I heard a male voice in her background, and then she said “I just to say that I will see you 3-16”. And when I hung up, i felt like I had to clean the house because my grandma was coming to visit. When I awoke, I got freaked out about it thinking that I hope I’m not going to die by her coming–

    The past 2-3 months I have had a few dreams of places that felt were my mom’s old home, all badly worn down, trees/plants growing through it, water damage, etc. that I was cleaning up or going through. One dream last week I was at a cozy, warm cottage, candles, that felt like my mom was there.

    Last night was my first dream of my mom herself. It was very vivid and very real. In my dream, I found out she did not cross over into the light but instead stayed. I told her she needs to go before the light is gone (I do not know how I know anything about the advice I gave her). She was very anxious, distracted, and I then was trying to help her see these lighted areas to cross over. I had to keep bringing her out of her mental state to focus on seeing because she kept worrying about so many things, I don’t even know what.

    There were other people there in my dream helping others, doing the same sequences in trying to cross over. The sequences were some kind of 12 step process or some multi step process? The sequences were us in a dark/black room looking out of a large window into darkness. The images wouldn’t appear if you didn’t try to focus and let it appear. Out of the window it was black initially, but the first scene lit up like a empire/disney-like/fairy tale paradise that was across a canyon. There was a person waving and a golden bridge that was forming, came from the waving person, towards us. I had to remind my mom to focus and see what I did.
    I don’t think she saw it so we moved onto the next window.

    I don’t remember the next, or the last one I remember maybe was the next but I believe we did 3. On the last window, it was a red LEDish light that formed a small moving/dancing image and I really had to redirect and encourage my mom to focus so she would start seeing it. She saw it this time finally and then my dream ended. I felt good about the progress we made, but felt like there was more work to do. In my dream I knew what to do and what I was doing, but I know nothing of this when I awoke!

    So, any insight to what this means? do I do an official helping her spirit cross over meditation/prayer thing (found info via internet browsing)? Anyone else dream similar, can this be real?

    1. Hello Joanna,

      This is a long series of dreams and events. I’m afraid it would take a great deal more information to be able to interpret this with a high degree of confidence. Having said that, the most basic question is whether your grandmother and your mother are both now in the Light. If you have doubts about that, you can direct your thoughts to your mom or grandmother and direct them to the Light as you did before. Sometimes the loved one will stay earthbound for different reasons. One of the biggest is fear. Let them know there are loved ones waiting for them in the Light. They can come to each of them but need their permission. Reassure them that the Light is not a place of judgement or punishment. There’s nothing they have to be afraid of. You might suggest several departed loved ones to look for specifically. If at least one of those souls is available, it will come for your mom or grandmother. Hopefully, with what you have done, they are both safely at home in the Light.

  5. My son has not crossed over he keeps coming to mydaughter very angry because he wants to b with us she said he was a park alone with a hoodie on n he was mad we all have been grieveing pretty hard since he passed my son was a passenger n a head on collision n which 3adults n 1 toddler was killes he died instantly our family is very close to each other n i raised my kids to where even i couldnt break the bond there so close i prayed n asked him to go in to the light i told him to forgive n this is all of gods plan he is no longer amongst the living physical but spiritually he was here we are goin to his grave so that he can here it feom us all i pray he listen n gets peace

    1. Hello Khristie, directing your son to the Light is the thing to do. When the bonds are so strong, as you describe, he needs to be persuaded that the spirit realm of Light is his home. If there is a deceased family member who he trusted and felt loved him, then ask whether he would allow that one to apprtoach him now from the Light. He can be encouraged that the loved one will also be able to explain to him why things happened they way they did. The goal is to facilitate contact with the loved one. Many spirits need that connection because they cannot find the Light on their own, or they are too afraid or too angry. A guide will also come to him from the spirit realm if he allows it. If he allows it, he will see a spirit guide step forward and he/she will, 99.9% of time, receive information and feel the love in that connection. If he strongly refuses to make any connection, you can write again and tell me what is happening and I’ll try to give other suggestions. Good Luck, Tom

  6. My daughters dad passed away tragically. I’ve had 3 different dreams almost all the same of him . He doesn’t seem to have crossed over everytime he tried asking me to come with him grabbing my hand wanting me to leave with him . First two times i wouldn’t he seemed sad one time the other he kind of got angry the 3rd dream I had i agreed to go he and I walked and when seemed to be in a dark place or room then a big ..huge brown door appeared it when it opened a bright golden light blinding like was on the other side . So he wakes first over the door and still holding my hand before I follow i pulled my hand away and he was just gone into the golden light I didn’t go threw with him the door closed and I woke up . Does that mean he crossed over I haven’t had any dreams of him since.?

    1. Hello Tia,

      I woulld assume from what you describe that he has moved into the Light and would have quickly known that it is where he belonged. A soul can enter the Light and still choose to leave if they wish, but that hardly ever happens. If you do have further indications that he is not in the Light, you can write again and I’ll offer further instructions. Hopefully, he’s settled into the Light and has familiar souls with him now.

  7. Hello everyone!
    I found my way to this site as I was trying to find a place to talk to others about rescuing lost souls.
    I have accidentally become a rescuer! I have helped several spirits cross over now. I use my gift as an empath to feel what is holding them here and then I talk to them about the spirit realm, pure love and understanding.
    I recently spoke to a monk who told me he needed salvation and God’s forgiveness. I made a mistake the first time we connected and spoke in spiritual terms rather than religious ones. I actually made him a little angry! The next time I spoke to him I used terms he would connect with and said a prayer for his salvation. I think he has now crossed over.
    I just wondered if there is a forum to discuss these things. I’m learning as I go so hearing others experiences would help.

    1. Hello Kaye,

      Blessings to you on your soul-rescue work. Helping lost souls return home to the Light is an important service. I suggest you explore the website of the Spirit Release organization which is based in London ( Members of this organization are quite familiar with this issue and I believe would welcome your contact.

  8. Hi, I work as a support worker in Mental Health recovery. Some of my clients suffer quite a bit with schizophrenia, depression, anxiety etc. and I believe some of them would have interference form attached souls. How could I support them to remove these attachments?

    1. Hello Hanneke,

      I apologize for this late reply. Your question is one I have heard often from those who acknowledge the interference or attachment by spirits. The problem is, it’s complicated. There are many possibilities of what can be affecting a specific person at psychic and spiritual levels. Spirit intrusion or attachment is one possibility, but there are other types of entities and energetic phenomena that could be involved. And all these can range from simple to very complex entanglements. Another major issue here is that whoever or whatever is affecting a person at these levels may be part of their own self/soul, so there is a danger of misdiagnosis. In this case you are not wanting to “get rid” of these parts, but to heal them.

      The fact is that we live in a culture that does not even recognize the reality of these phenomena, let alone have any depth of understanding of what might exist at these levels and how to intervene. I appreciate your concern and empathy for your clients. That in itself, I’m sure, is helpful. I do not mean to discourage you about dealing with spirit attachment, but unless your agency supports your efforts you could become entangled. A client can misunderstand or become frightened, or use “spirit attachment” as a way to avoid responsibility. I’m afraid our culture is just at the beginning of recognizing these realities.

      One thing you can do is an in-depth reading and study of the spirit phenomena and clinical approaches. There are a number of therapists who have begun dealing with this and have written about it. This may put you in a position, on a case by case basis, to help a patient cope, and if they are mature enough, they may be ready to hear about spirit attachment and follow it up on their own.

      I hope this is helpful.


  9. Hi
    My daughter lives in an old house and the spirit who lives there has begun harassing her child, age 4. The boy describes it as the ‘old man’ comes to my room, he is stands behind me telling me hurt my brother, do naughty things, hide food and throw my toys. He says he’s my friend but I don’t want to be his friend because I don’t like being naughty. He sits in my room at night and he scares me. When you (his mummy) tells him to do things, the old man tells him not to.
    The boy has told his mother that the old man has told him they will go swimming in the river. Needless to say, my daughter is terrified as there is a river behind her house which the boy has never gone to on his own.
    Please tell me how to get this spirit out of her house. We think it is the original owner who built the house in 1912. Thank you

  10. Morning. I hope this finds you well. I had an experience at the Paris catacombs in November and I was hoping you could shed light on it. (Pun After waiting an hour and a half to enter the catacombs I was surprised to find myself alone with no other human in sight often. Throughout my walk I always felt sadness, hope, anger, and interest coming from the souls around me. I followed my intention and put my right hand out like I was accepting payment and felt a beam of light go up through the top of my head. As I stood doing this in multiple spots I felt pings going to the beam of light. Can you please help me with this experience? This is not the norm for me and I’ve never read books or had any prior knowledge of helping souls crossover. Thanks in advance.

    1. My guess is that by following your intuition/intention(?), you were being guided to act as a beacon of Light for what would be called earthbound spirits. Catacombs would be a most likely place for departed souls to attach. By opening at a psychic level and saying yes to the Divine Light, I suspect it opened a conduit for many earthbound souls to return home. I’m sure you can find more information about this on the Internet.

  11. Hi. Im 25 and have been seeing spirits and feeling their energy since I was 5. It first started with my pap he died when I was 6 in 2003. I first felt the spirits presence when I found out he died and got scared and asked him not to leave me. I then felt his presence.

    The next time was a couple years later. I was in my paps house which is where he died. My gram was still living in the house. I got energy that he was there and I saw him appear to me in multiple places in the house.
    It scared me alot but I felt bad and missed and him and wanted him to stay. I would often talk to his spirit or energy and tell him about my day. I saw him multiples time later in life but when I got older and saw him I felt scared and wanted him to go away.

    Looking back i don’t know if he was coming to me for a reason or trying to warn me? I have seen other things. Scary seen. Even messed with wigi boards. That was a big mistake and I have been spiritually cleansed from that part of my life.
    I now have a close friend and coworker that I confide in and she can she the same things as I can. She has much more experince tho so she offers me advice.

    I was at work today and I was stressed out and busy. Im a hair stylist. There was a spirit standing behind the service desk just staring at me. He was a broad shouldered man in a black suite with his arms and hands at his side. He was just staring at me. I know I’m not crazy. I know what I saw was a spirit because when I see them I get a particular feeling that I ONLY get when I see a spirit. I saw him again at the doorway of the back room. I was nervous and scared and just not in the mood. I prayed and told him to go away. I then felt instand relief and finished my work day.

    Spirits have never come to me at work. I accept the fact that I can see what others can’t. And I want to help them. But idk how to control it. Growing up i tried not to think about it. But now I’m finally acknowledging and accepting that I’m a sensitive. But I dont know how to progress from here and help them.

    1. Hello Rachel, it sounds like you do have a psychic sensitivity or ability that allows you to see some spirits. It also sounds that your paps was, and maybe still is, earthbound. These are souls that do not go on to the spirit realm, but stay focused on this physical plane. As far as paps is concerned, you can communicate to him in your mind that the very best place for him is to go to the spirit realm of Light where loved ones are waiting for him. This is true of other spirits too that you might encounter, like the man in the black suit.

      As a child you asked/invited paps to connect with you which is understandable. At this point, though, I would suggest that you be careful not to mentally extend any ‘invitation energy’— whether to help, to learn, or to test your abilities—because spirits can pick up on that. If you do feel there may be a spirit(s) present, I suggest you surround yourself in blue light and put out that mental message that you do want such contact. You can ask your higher self and spirit guide to also protect you from such approaches.

      If you want to work in this area of spirit rescue, then that would require some training. You might look on the Internet for people who offer this service and see if there are teachers or mentors. There is an organization in the UK called Spirit Release Forum which may be a good place to start. David Furlong is the director.

  12. Hi my name Tiffany an I been having dreams repeatedly that I help lost souls cross over to the light an I’m a angel an that’s my job to go talk to these spirits an guide them to the light can you tell me what does that mean