New Release: The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing, Vol. II

Book 3-3D *****color bkgrThe Practice of Soul-Centered Healing

Vol. II: Navigating the Inner World

By Thomas Zinser, Ed.D.

This book is the concluding volume to The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing. Like Vol. I, it is written for hypnotherapists who wish to incorporate elements of Soul-Centered Healing into their own clinical practice. Soul-Centered Healing is a therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Zinser in a fifteen-year collaboration with a channeled spirit named Gerod. His first book, Soul-Centered Healing, tells the story of that fifteen-year collaboration.

Vol. I and Vol. II are the summation of decades of clinical experience and Zinser’s systematic reflection on that experience. Vol. I focused on the clinical protocols for working with ego-states, past lives, and intruding spirits or other external entities that may be negatively affecting a client. Vol. II presents a deeper and expanded view of Soul-Centered Healing as a spiritual journey as well as a healing process. It covers practical topics such as the importance of notetaking and map-making in facilitating a client’s process. The book describes different phenomena, conditions, and situations that can present during the trance sessions. Some will apply to all clients, such as making sure a client’s higher self is aware of the energy point in the body; others, like dealing with the dark spot, a mirror personality, or retrieving missing parts of a soul, are situations that only present with some clients. Additional protocols and clinical examples are given to help therapists navigate this inner world. Finally, the book concludes with an in-depth case study tracing one client’s healing journey from severe dissociation to living consciously and centered in the present.


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