SCH Update: Spring, 2021

To friends of Soul-Centered Healing:

This is a brief update on Soul-Centered Healing. It’s not that there is so little to say, but too much. Since retiring from clinical practice, life has become busier than ever. In regard to SCH, there has been movement on several fronts. Chief among them has been the focus on training other hypnotherapists. It has always been my position that SCH, as a healing method, is something to be practiced. It was understood from the beginning that the collaboration with Gerod and Kathy was about healing. I traveled in many directions with Gerod over the years, but healing was always the central focus in our dialogues. SCH developed as a clinical method, and so its greatest value is in its practice.

In the last update, I talked about the start of a training course focused on clinical practice. Two weeks ago I completed the first training course with a small group of hypnotherapists. The entire experience has been most rewarding, especially the positive results reported in our case discussions. The limited-size group, blending instruction and clinical practice, and extending over several months seems to be an effective format in teaching these methods. This first group has been enthusiastic and asked for further training. So, we will be starting Level II this summer.

I will also be offering this ‘Level I’ course to a next group of hypnotherapists. If you know of someone who might be interested, please pass along this link or direct them to the “Training” tab on the Home page.

On another front… Over the last several months, I’ve done a number of interview programs oriented more to spiritual/paranormal topics. I’ve enjoyed the interviews and the opportunity to talk about Gerod and Soul-Centered Healing. The interviews have been well received, (as reflected in my email and book sales). I recently did another interview on The Higher Side Chats. That was not broadcast live, however, but it will be posted sometime in June.

A third area of some movement has been the compilation and organization of an SCH archive. Gathering, sorting, and selecting is a long-term project and not exactly my favorite chore. It’s more a process of distillation rather than filling boxes (physical and digital). For a healing method that is culturally ahead of its time, I hope to keep it available to a younger generation.

Finally, I continue to write about the paradigm shift I believe we are facing as a culture, and probably the globe. I still don’t know if I’m writing an essay or a book, and whether it is for my own edification or also to assist others. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I have a recommendation. My good friend Chris Bache, Ph.D did a 3-part video interview, Contemplating Reincarnation, with Richard Rudd of Gene Keys. This is one of the best discussions I’ve heard on the subject of reincarnation and its implications for us—as souls incarnate and as a species. It’s another one of those paradigm issues that our culture is facing. From my point of view, in this series, Chris is offering a way of thinking about ourselves and reality from a soul point of view. As usual, this view can be a challenge for the ego. The discussion reaches into the higher levels of consciousness and conception, so it calls on one’s thought, feeling and intuition to journey along. (Chris recently published his 4th book, LSD and the Mind of the Universe.)

With all good wishes and Light,

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2 Responses

  1. This all sounds so intriguing. I will be following the progressions. Thank you all!

  2. Thank you Thomas Zinser. Really enjoyed the Videos here. You seem a really good fellow. #/4 through the great book. Blessings on all who consider that art of healing another. philip