SCH Update: Winter, 2024

To the friends of Soul-Centered Healing,

In the last update, I shared that my first book, Soul-Centered Healing, had been translated into Spanish and would be published soon. I’m delighted to announce that the Spanish edition is now available for sale in both paperback and e-book formats. 

I also wanted to share a brief backstory on how the translation came to be. The book was translated by Karin Momberg, who was in the first SCH training group, formed in December, 2020. More than a year ago, Karin met with me to say she wanted to translate my first book into Spanish. She felt so strongly that the work needed to be shared with a broader audience, and said it would be her gift to any who would benefit. I accepted Karin’s offer, of course.

What sets this translation apart is Karin’s profound and intuitive understanding of Soul-Centered Healing and its practice. With Spanish as her native language, Karin was the ideal person to translate the book. It was difficult enough to find the words and write about all the psychic and spiritual phenomena Gerod and I worked with. I knew Karin would find the right words and phrases to best communicate what I had written and intended.

I am grateful to Karin for her dedication and effort in bringing Soul-Centered Healing to the Spanish-speaking world. I also extend my thanks to Karin’s mother, Luisa, who proofread the book, chapter by chapter. Holding a book I wrote but cannot read is an unusual experience, and I am grateful that it has been in such good hands. For more information about Karin, visit her website:

New Website Launch
In addition to the book’s release, I also am announcing the launch of the new website. It has been underway for several months now, working with a web design team, CurlyHost. I am most grateful to my daughter, Rachel, who shepherded the project through all its stages, especially keeping me focused and on task. I am now in the process of familiarizing myself with the new programs for content management and updates. If you explore the site and have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to share them with me here

Reflections on a Paradigm Shift
I continue to give much thought to the paradigm shift we are undergoing today in our culture, and around the globe. In working with Gerod, I knew from the start that his information, being confirmed in my clinical work, contradicted what our Western/Scientific culture said was true. I also believed that Science, staying true to itself, would inevitably be forced to acknowledge and begin to address the psychic and spirit realities. My work with clients was a constant reminder of the dichotomy between these two different worlds. In 2009, I gave a talk entitled, Science and Soul: The Coming Age of Conversion. It was a talk about the growing volume of evidence for the existence of other dimensions of consciousness and reality, where concepts like spirits, reincarnation, psychic abilities, or the afterlife would make sense. 

The evidence has continued to grow in the last 13 years, and so has the acceptance by a good number of the public. Based only on term recognition, remote viewing, NDE’s, reincarnation, spirit attachment, ufo’s, channeling are familiar terms to most people, whether they believe in them or not. 

 This awakening in our culture is not without resistance. Any new paradigm is bound to have its birthing pains. It involves fundamental changes in long-held beliefs and assumptions about what is real. The changes occur over generations. We cannot know or predict what that new consciousness will be until we’re there. From the point of view of the present, and at deeply unconscious levels, the birth of a new paradigm might be seen and felt by many as impending chaos and loss of control. “Where’s it all leading to!!” There isn’t a nice logical, step-by-step path from an old paradigm to the new. The changes can trigger fear and anxiety. Defenses are on alert. It can feel like being pushed into the unknown.

I intend to post articles and videos from different sources concerning this paradigm shift and how to think about it, and maybe even prepare for it in some ways. These will be posted on the “Perspectives” page on the new website. I also plan to write essays myself on different aspects of this shift and its effect on individuals and society. When I do post something, I’ll send an email.

Meanwhile, I wish you all blessings and Light as we start this new year.

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