Spirit (Entity) Intrusion: A Case in Point

While I was writing the last essay on spirit intrusion, the following article came up on Google News. It’s just one example of the kinds of phenomena I was talking about. And in case you think it’s a rare story, it’s not. I have talked with many parents, and have had a number of cases myself, where spirits or entities were very involved with a child. What is unusual is that Ms. Pierson acknowledged and accepted her children’s experiences and documented them over a long period of time. I haven’t read the book, so I can’t offer an opinion on it. It looks like it could be interesting reading.

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Never Alone: Life with Psychic Children

Branford resident Christina Pierson shares a 10-year-period of living with her three children and their extraordinary psychic abilities.

By Nicole Ball

Four-year-old Emmet said to his mother, Christina Pierson, “I am very sad mommy. I miss Jesus.”

Recanting the incident more than a decade later, Pierson recalls somewhat dismissing her middle child of three.

“How could you possibly miss him Emmet?” Said Pierson. “You’ve never been with him.”

“Yes, I have,” Emmet insisted. “I was with him before I was in your tummy… Mommy, why do we have to die to go and be with God when we were with him already before?”

Pierson is not extremely religious or even religious at all. In fact, Emmet had never gone to church when he spoke of Jesus. To say that she was shocked at what her toddler was saying was an understatement.

Pierson explains that she and her family lived in Ireland for most of the children’s rearing before relocating to Branford recently. They had no access to cable television and the only impression of Jesus the children may have had, said Pierson, was that of a baby in a manager. To see an adult Jesus, which Emmet drew as a man with wings wearing a crown of flowers and having an oval on his stomach– no beard or long hair– was unusual, said Pierson (see image of drawing).

Emmet’s vision was just the start of many he would have throughout his childhood. His younger sister Anithe and older brother Connor, would also share these visions or as Pierson understands them now: psychic experiences.

Her children, recalls Pierson, would “Just know things.” She continued, “…about people and situations that they could not have known.”

After seeing how Emmet was affected by Jesus, Pierson said she decided to allow him and subsequently her other children, to openly express their experiences.  Having no firm psychic abilities herself, Pierson gave her children paper and pens and encouraged them to draw and express what they were seeing.

Over time, Pierson kept the drawings. “I was collecting them because I wanted to understand for them,” said Pierson. “I had a need and a desire to understand what was happening with them, for them.”

The envelope she kept the drawings in grew until it became a large binder and eventually, a book: “A Knowing: Living with Psychic Children.” [Pierson’s children’s real names are not used here is this article or in the book.]

Pierson said she wrote her book just about a year ago for other parents going through the same experience she lived. “It wasn’t about me,” said Pierson, “it was for the other parents and kids who are having these psychic experiences.”

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