Fred Alan Wolf – Shamanic Physics and Vibrational Medicine

Theoretical physics is in the vanguard of bringing the concept of “consciousness” into science. Fred Alan Wolf is one of the leaders in that vanguard. In this video, he talks about the vibratory nature of reality and the creative power of consciousness.

The implications of this are profound. Keeping the focus on healing and medicine, it will open up a whole spectrum of questions and possibilities. First and foremost among them: what role does consciousness play in a person’s healing? Can it dissolve a cancerous tumor? Can it speed up the healing of an open cut? Can it protect us from the flu?

This spectrum is not new to the esoteric schools of healing. They have always recognized that healing can go from the bottom up, and from the top down. Fred Alan Wolf talks about this as a physicist at the top of his field.

Tom Z

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