Inelia Benz: Interview with a Lightworker

In an early dialogue with my friend Gerod, he said there are people among us who are “Light carriers.” He said most aren’t even consciously aware of their role, but that they help anchor Light here in the world and bring Light to others just by being present when needed.

My friend Christina sent me the link to this video interview with Inelia Benz. She said that, given the work I do, she thought I would find it very interesting. What an understatement! Inelia Benz is certainly one of those people Gerod was talking about. The fascinating part is that she retained her consciousness of psychic and spirit realities when she entered the body. She remained “soul aware.”

Inelia describes her own mission as an “energy worker.” Her job, she says, is to be a direct channel of Light and, when instructed, to bring that Light to specific persons and situations in order to assist. Inelia readily admits she usually has no idea why or how the Light is operating in the particular situation. She says she usually doesn’t need to know that.

This is a two-hour interview. In our Internet culture, I hesitate to recommend even a 10-minute video, let alone two hours. I know time is precious. I can only say that this woman will give you many glimpses into these other levels of yourself and the reality in which we exist. Her story itself is fascinating, but her deeper message is that what is true of her is true of all of us. We are all beings of Light, and we can all develop within ourselves a greater awareness and sensitivity to these realities and, if we choose, live in greater accord with the Light.

Professionally, this video is one of the most significant I’ve seen in a long time. Inelia describes the different realities, entities, and dynamics so often involved in Soul-Centered Healing.

Most important, though, beyond the context of healing, she is describing the multidimensional reality in which all of us live, whether conscious of it or not. Inelia keeps pulling back the curtain for us all through the interview. If you watch it, I welcome your comments.

Tom Z

Here’s the interview. It may take time to load depending on your bandwidth speed. You can find Inelia’s website here.

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