‘Mindsight’ and the Soul

I recently watched an interview with Dr. Dan Siegel hosted by the Dalai Lama Center. It impressed me in the same way it had several years ago when I first watched Dr. Siegel present his model of the mind and brain. It’s the best effort I’m aware of so far to establish a concept of mind as more than the biology and chemistry of the brain. He brings together a wealth of research from many areas to support his model of the mind.

While Dr. Siegel does not use the term soul in his model of the mind, what I see as so important is that his model does not exclude it. If you watch the video, you could substitute the term soul at several points in Dr. Siegel’s discussion. When he talks about the “We-map,” the “hub”, the “open possibility,”  he could just as easily be talking about the soul and soul level reality.

This video is an excellent introduction to his work.
Tom Z


Dr. Siegel has number of videos on Youtube in which he talks about the mind. Click here for a list.

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