The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing: A Book Review

The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing – Vol. 1: Protocols and Procedures

Review by Dr. Alan Sanderson


To follow a masterpiece with a second book on the same subject and have another shining success is no small achievement. Tom Zinser has done just this. In the first book, he told how his thought had developed during a quarter century of intense therapeutic effort, undertaken with the expert guidance of Gerod, channelled by an acquaintance. Now he presents a detailed account of the diagnostic and therapeutic system that he uses with his clients.

Following trance induction and the establishment of ideo-motor signals, the first step is to gain permission from the protective part of the mind to establish communication and then to make contact with the higher selfwhich becomes co-therapist in the work of Soul-Centered Healing.

After confirming that the higher self is in agreement with the healing process, and that communication is not blocked by another part or being (throughout the book every eventuality is carefully addressed), the inquiry proceeds. The higher self is asked to review the problem area and determine whether something or someone is interfering at an energetic, psychic or spiritual level. Following the usual yes, the root of the problem is approached via yes/no/don’t know answers, along the steps of the Identification Protocol, with its eight possibilities. Each identified part or being, ego-state, spirit, extraterrestrial, dimensional being, created entity, external ego-state, device/object and autonomous energies is then examined along the steps of its own Clinical Protocol. Final resolution is reached through integration, removal, dissipation and severance of ties, etc., as required. In this process the higher self is consulted at every step and performs many actions on request.

The combination of clarity and precision that Zinser brings to the text and the many illustrative sessions provide perfect instruction for any therapist wishing to learn the techniques. I would advise any one wishing to acquire proficiency in SCH to read these sessions repeatedly, giving your own response to each yes/no/don’t know answer, before checking with the one given.

SCH is carried out by two agents, therapist and higher self. The higher self, through its inner connection to the Light, is an invaluable helper, for it perceives much of which the conscious mind is unaware and it is able to affect directly the various entities, which inhabit the inner world. It can also call helpers from the Light, when an entity seems to be in need of more direction than the therapist knows how to provide. The simplest and most powerful tool is for the higher self to send Light, but this must be agreeable to the ego-state, spirit or other being, to whom it is offered. To induce calm and cooperation in this way is by no means the equivalent of a calming injection imposed on a disturbed hospital patient. In the inner world, acceptance must, with rare exceptions, precede every action. Here is a session in which an ego-state receives Light from the higher self.

  • TH – Higher self, I’m asking that you help that ego-state to come forward here with me. (Pause.) And to this one: do you know yourself to be part of this self and soul I’m working with?
  • ES – No finger lifts.
  • TH – Are you willing to have some information sent to you about your connection to this self/soul?
  • ES – Yes finger lifts.
  • TH – Okay then. On the count of three I’m going to ask the higher self to send you this information. One, two, three, and higher self, please communicate to this one information about whether they are or are not part of this self and soul. Also, please communicate any other information that might be helpful, especially about the healing process we are working with. And to this one: lift the yes finger when you’ve received that communication, second finger if you do not.
  • ES – Yes finger lifts.
  • TH – To this one: did you receive this communication all right?
  • ES – Yes finger lifts.
  • TH – Does it seem that you are part of this self and soul? First finger if yes, second finger if not.
  • ES – First finger lifts.
  • TH – Are you receiving Light for yourself now where you are?
  • ES – Hand lifts. (I don’t know)
  • TH – To this one: are you willing for higher self to send you some Light/Love energy right now?
  • ES – Hand lifts. (I don’t know)
  • TH – To this one: are you willing to have that Light sent to you as long as you can stop it immediately if you need to, or if you like it, you can keep it for yourself, but the choice will be up to you? The Light will not force itself on you.
  • ES – Yes finger lifts.
  • TH – On three then: One, two three… and higher self please send to this one a small piece of that Light/Love energy. And to this one: let yourself receive that Light. You can stop it if you need to, or, if you like it, you can bring it inside and keep it for yourself. First finger lifting when you’ve touched that Light, second finger if you do not.
  • ES – First finger lifts.
  • TH – To this one: did you receive that Light?
  • ES – Yes finger lifts.
  • TH – Did you decide to keep the Light for yourself? If so, the first finger. If you needed to stop it, the second finger can lift.
  • ES – First finger lifts.
  • TH – To this one: would you like more of that Light/Love energy for yourself?
  • ES – Yes finger lifts.
  • TH – Higher self, I’m asking, then, that you send this one more of that Light/Love energy. And to this one: you can bring that inside to whatever level is comfortable. First finger when that feels complete. Second finger if it’s stopped.
  • ES – First finger lifts.
  • TH – To this one: did you receive that Light all right?
  • ES – Yes finger lifts.
  • TH – Does that feel all right to you?
  • ES – Yes finger lifts.

Another transformative use of the Light is when an entity that is unsure of its soul identity is asked to look inside for its own light. This can be a great convincer.

Soul-Centered Healing is a revolutionary form of psychotherapy. Nothing even remotely like it has ever been developed before. Its systematic nature is demanded by the complexity of the soul-environment that Zinser, with the advice of a channelled being, has unearthed through his research. If the approach seems over-mechanical, this is misleading. Administered with the required sensitivity the effect is finely balanced.

As a therapist who has used the method, I want to stress how very carefully it has been developed. Every conceivable difficulty seems to have been described and the solution set out with precision and clarity. Despite the technicality, the book is a pleasure to read. It is a hard road to travel, but those of us who would make the journey can be assured that, with Zinser’s guidance, we can enter the land where Soul-Centered Healing can be given and received.

About the reviewer

Dr Alan Sanderson Alan Sanderson trained as a psychiatrist – in the 1950s and 60s, at St Thomas’s and Maudsley Hospitals, London – but became disillusioned about the overall direction of the medical approach, which focussed on the disease, not the illness – and so losing contact with the patient as an individual. He found a new direction from studying with Bill Baldwin from America and went on to found the Spirit Release Foundation. He now practices ‘soul-centered’ therapy from his home in London. For details



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