Soul-Centered Healing: A Book Review

Alan Sanderson

Dr. Alan Sanderson is a London psychiatrist and president of the Spirit Release Foundation. After receiving an announcement on the release of Soul-Centered Healing, Dr. Sanderson contacted me, said he was excited about the book, and wanted to review it for their organization. I was familiar with Dr. Sanderson’s work in the fields of hypnotherapy and spirit releasement, so I looked forward to his review of the book as well as his assessment of the work. I knew that his experience and clinical  perspective would give an added depth.

Coming from someone who knows the territory, it has been gratifying to read Alan’s review. It says to me that the book in some essential way hits close to its mark. Here is the start of the review followed by a link to the entire review.

Tom Z


The Spiritual Mechanics of Mind


reviewed by Alan Sanderson

Soul-Centered Healing is an extremely important book. It shows the way, as never before, to a working understanding of the spiritual mechanics of mind. It does this clearly and directly, and it tells in detail, how advice from a channelled spirit guide, repeatedly tested in the consulting room, was used to resolve complex psychological problems. With this publication, Thomas Zinser takes a giant stride, towards the new paradigm for which so many are longing. I believe Soul-Centered Healing is worthy to rank with De Motu Cordis and The Principia as a beacon in the history of profound (and useful!) ideas.

Thomas Zinser had no thoughts of soul when, in 1983, he resigned from his post as staff psychologist at a private mental hospital to set up in psychotherapeutic practice. In this enthralling, beautifully written book, Zinser describes his Odessey. It begins with his early experiences working with multiple personality disorder and concludes, 25 years later, with the final homecoming, as a confident, many-faceted therapist, with a conviction in the primacy of spirit in the human physical experience. To his homecoming Zinser brings a carefully-woven tapestry, with a picture of coherence and power, such as no psychologist has previously provided. It is a soul tapestry and it carries great implications, not only for psychotherapy and the understanding of personality, but for the spiritual dynamics of the cosmos.

How did it happen? I almost put, “By Divine intervention.” Surely it was not by chance. There could have been no book without Gerod, the genie of the story.

Read the entire review here.



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