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The story of Isabeau Esby below is not rare. It’s a story of a young woman who made direct contact with a spirit and has continued those contacts ever since. This is not rare. There are many people who have reported direct contact with a spirit. The most frequent seems to be the contact by a loved one shortly after death, or even at the time of death. For one person it may be a couple experiences in a lifetime. For others, like Isabeau Esby, the direct contact with spirits is very frequent, and at times a daily occurrence.

It’s like a talent. Not everybody has it, and for those who do have it, it’s to varying degrees and levels. Some people work hard to develop their talent and others do not, or don’t have the opportunity. But no one denies that there is such a thing as a talent.

When it comes to those like Ms. Esby, however, our culture denies these abilities because it doesn’t acknowledge that spirits exists. So the logic of this science says that anyone claiming to be in contact with a spirit must be delusional because we already know that there are no such thing as spirits.

This story is just to remind us that real people are having real psychic experiences and we’re not going to get anywhere by denying the implications of that.

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Psychic fine-tunes her medium abilities

By Samantha Stephens
October 26, 2011 2:00 AM

When Isabeau Esby’s grandmother passed away, she was riddled with grief. Until, just an hour later, she said her grandmother paid her a visit.

Standing in the middle of her living room, Esby recalled being terrified by seeing her grandmother’s spirit.

“Out of pure desperation of wanting to talk to her again, I thought, ‘Well I’ll see if this is grief playing itself out or if this is a possibility,'” Esby recalled.

With the ability to channel her grandmother, Esby said she was happy to share a special connection with her even after death.

“Just when I thought I’ve got this inside thing when I can talk to my grandma whenever I want, more spirits started to show up. It was something I had to adjust to,” she said.

Her grandmother’s death occurred just over six years ago, and since then, Esby has fine-tuned her medium abilities.

“For a long time I thought I should do readings because I thought people who had this did that. I would be booked out months in advance and I got burned out. In the meantime, about two years after it started, I found myself in a position of helping spirits who have not fully completed their transition. That’s the majority of what I do. It’s very behind the scenes. A lot of people don’t see what I do, but that’s what I love to do with it,” Esby said.

Andy Kitt, of Kitt Research Initiative, studies paranormal psychology and claims Esby is the real deal.

“We are doing our best to find out who is legitimate and have them come in and do stuff and find out who isn’t and don’t bring them,” he said of the Initiative. “I can tell she’s genuine because when she’s channeling, she’s looking behind you instead of directly at you. With some mediums you can tell they’re frauds because they’re looking right at you and whether they think they’re genuine or a fraud, they’re coming up with things off the top of their head. With Beau, it’s like she’s talking to someone over my shoulder. And that’s pretty much what she’s doing.”

When Kitt was in need of a new vehicle, he said he enlisted the help of Esby as a friend. Fortunately for him, he said Esby’s ability came into play and led him directly to a vehicle within his modest price range.

“There’s no way she could have found that car unless she spent hours researching and looking for a car for me,” Kitt said.

In addition to helping spirits cross over, Esby said she works with house clearings and detachments, often known as exorcisms.

“A house might be what pop culture calls ‘haunted,’ I go in and help those spirits move along. People might have an attachment, a spirit that hangs around and wrecks havoc in their lives,” Esby explained.

And while many are tempted to call Esby’s ability a “gift,” she cautions against using that term.

“I stick with ability and I avoid the word ‘gift’ because I think ‘gift’ sets me apart from everyone who has it. I mean, everyone has it. It’s about how much I fine-tune the ability. I don’t see it as a gift bestowed onto me,” Esby explained.

Although she continues to utilize her ability, Esby sometimes becomes frightened.

“If it’s more than what I’m used to, it can get scary,” she said. “My thing is that I’m kind of stubborn, I won’t leave unless I helped or do what I came to do.”

She said one of her most difficult cases was a house clearing in Gilmanton, N.H., with an uncrossed serial killer.

“I didn’t know that it was a serial killer, I knew he was male and he showed me a lot of stuff about how he liked to drain blood from people and how he was in the medical field,” Esby said.

But after the homeowner did her research, she phoned Esby and informed her that the information she provided during the clearing matched a profile of a serial killer who had lived in the area.

“That spirit was so strong he had affected the male in the house and he bragged about it. The spirit said, ‘I sent him to the hospital,’ so I turned to the man and I said, ‘What is he talking about?'” Esby said. “He was really shaken up because a month earlier he had woken up and thought he was paralyzed and thought he had a stroke. Within an hour of being in the hospital, they said nothing is wrong and he walked out.”

Although she helped the spirit cross, Esby recalled being shaken by the experience.

“I’m putting myself in a vulnerable position against something that’s hurting living people,” she said. “It turned out to be the 115th anniversary of his death, piecing together in kind of a spooky way, but I guess it was a good anniversary.”

So what is it that Esby actually sees?

“I see, in general, if you look at heat coming off the road, that’s how I see it. When it forms stronger I start to see features and stuff like that. Almost all communication is telepathic. A ghost doesn’t have hands and brown curly hair. You see what they project,” she explained.

Similarly, Esby said she’ll see images and need to translate them before it makes sense.

“Over the years you build up a dictionary. Like, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” probably means a woman has been married twice and working on her third,” Esby said. “There’s a lot of symbolism, when I see a spirit I can typically get height, basic features. I can hear words as they say them, too.”

And while many mediums work for the living and grieving, Esby does things a little differently.

“My rule of thumb is that I work for the dead, I don’t work for the living,” she said. “If somebody who’s deceased came up to me and said, ‘I want you to say this,’ I often do if something’s coming through that’s important. If people want one for performance-type reasons, I usually say no.”

As for skeptics, Esby said she was agnostic and had no relationship with spirituality prior to seeing her grandmother’s spirit.

“I was one so I completely respect their position. I won’t try to budge them, I won’t try to change their position,” she said. “A skeptic is someone who has simply not had an experience enough to change their point of view.”

Although Esby said having intuition and medium is not genetic, her sons have their own abilities.

“I have two boys, one is very medium and one is very psychic. The psychic is a very hard kid to raise, it’s hard to get him a Christmas present,” Esby said.

But neither will probably follow their mom.

“They’re not really interested in it, I don’t think it’s a path they’ll go down but they’ve been in an environment so their personal intuition was able to open up,” Esby said.

Esby wants to take the “pop” out of pop culture and continue to help stuck spirits.

“My hope is that people will start to recognize their ancestors and that ghosts are people, too. I don’t want them to be scared. I’d like to bring awareness to the public,” she said. “My future with this, I want to do more clearances and help as many people be not stuck as possible because if a grandfather passes away and gets stuck and doesn’t complete his transition, he’s not in a powerful position to help his grandchildren.”

For better or worse, through skepticism and acceptance, Esby said her life has been infinitely improved by her ability.

“I don’t think I ever truly understood bliss until I lived like this,” she said. “When you’re involved with spirituality so strongly and you walk a strong spiritual path, things that are amazing are 10 times more amazing and you open yourself up to things that you never would have.”


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