The Role of Prayer in Healing

I received an email a few days ago. The author had read my book and was asking about prayer. Here’s the letter and my response:

Dear Dr. Zinser,

I was so impressed with your book, well done.  You mention the role that prayer played in your work, but you decided not to include it in your book.  I wonder if you would be so kind and outline this aspect for me, as I’m particularly interested in the changes patients experience via prayer and the role it plays in such therapy.

I took some time to think about it, and this was my response:

 As far as your question about prayer, I’ve been trying to find the words. From my point of view, it begins with the Light, (God, Creator, Divine, All That Is). As souls of Light, we are already a part of that Light, and at this soul level, we know we are one with the creator. As souls, discarnate or incarnate, the Light is our essence. Here on the physical plane, as I see it, prayer is when someone intentionally attunes him- or herself to this essence, and so to the Creator. It may be to ask for assistance, it may be in gratitude, it may be for comfort, or it may be to intentionally send Light/Love energy to another person, condition, or situation. I also believe prayer can be done by groups (whether members are physically present with each other or not) where each individual taps into this light and joins it with the others for purposes and intents shared by the group.

As a creative and self-organizing principle, the Light brings balance and harmony, healing and clarity, and knowledge and wisdom. In one sense, living in accord with the Light is living in prayer. In the context of healing, my client and myself, our higher selves, our spirit guides, the client’s family and friends (when asked) are all part of the healing process and can help the person bring Light/Love energy into areas of pain and darkness.

I know this is a short answer, but I hope it speaks to your question.

Tom Z

 Photo: Courtesy of Don Christner 

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