Soul-Centered Healing: An Interview on

Dr. Zinser interviewed on Skeptico by Alex Tsakaris

This is my first meeting with Alex and it’s a wide-ranging interview on Soul-Centered Healing . The initial invitation came from Alex after I responded to a series of his recent interviews on Evil. I was suggesting that it may be important to make a distinction between darkness and evil. This, of course, is the distinction that came from my collaboration with Gerod. An invitation followed within a couple hours.

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the excellent interview. I have read Mr. Zinser’s book, Soul Centred Healing. It reveals a helpfull model of the human psyche and new realms of knowledge.

  2. As someone who has left the confines of the human body, I can tell you that a soul does not necessarily reflect on past lives, but infinite lives…simultaneously. The human mind/ego is very limited it its comprehension of self and time, understanding both as a linear existence of past present and future. When we experience “being” outside of the limits of human comprehension, the infinite potential of all that was, is and will ever be is experienced all at once, with full awareness. Once this is experienced, the human condition is perceived much differently with greater abilities to understand. The ipsissimus of one’s soul is far beyond words and explanations, however as humans, we continuously strive to find a way to communicate such profound wisdom. Thus we express the ineffable through art. Thanks for the inspiration and food for thought.

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